Our Process

Your pursuit of true wealth begins with a framework for success.
No matter your definition of true wealth, we will be there every step of the way.

The 7 Steps of Financial Planning

Our proven process helps us get to know you – your passions, goals, needs and wants. From there, we develop a customised financial plan that adapts and changes as your life progresses.

We host an initial meeting at our own expense, without any charge or obligation to you. If there is a fit between your needs and the services we offer, we will take you through our 7-Step Planning Process as summarised below.

Step 1: Initial Contact

Involves understanding what it is you want to achieve and establishing and defining our relationship.

What is it that you want to achieve?  What would a perfect outcome be for you?

What do you expect from your financial planner? What does your financial planner expect from you?

The financial planner will explain what they will, and will not do, and agree the terms of engagement, fees and expectations.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

We need to collect the relevant data, which means answers to our deep and meaningful questions, and also your financials.

How do you want to live the rest of your life?
What’s important to you about money?

Whether you’re determining your vision for retirement, looking to finalize your estate plan or planning to retire soon, we will help you discover where your life and financial goals intersect.

Step 3: Investment Presentation

An opportunity for Lexington to show and explain our investment philosophy and how to follow an evidenced-based investment approach.

Our structured investment process is designed to ensure you are invested in the most appropriate portfolio to meet your objectives, without exposure to unnecessary risk.

Step 4: Planning Meeting

We then crunch the numbers and develop a draft financial plan, it’s a draft plan because the final touches, the magic is done with you.

The financial plan is created with you, it’s not a report presented to you!

The financial planning process is carried out with you and is a fun and engaging process, where you view your cash flow and plan, on a large screen at our offices, or over Zoom.

Step 5: Implementation

Once you have decided on the way you would like to proceed, our team will implement your plan, liaising directly with product providers on your behalf.

We set your financial plan in action, then consistently monitor the required actions and communicate these with you.

Step 6: 45-Day Check-In

We appreciate some decisions will create lots of paperwork so we schedule a follow up with you normally after six weeks to help you file and organise the agreed actions.

Having a plan is a start – but we help ensure that the plan is in motion and stays in motion.

Step 7: Ongoing Review

Financial planning is a dynamic process, and life happens and things change.

So we will regularly communicate with you and review your plan at agreed time intervals to make sure you remain on track to meet your lifestyle goals.

Request an Appointment

Within 30 minutes we can get to know you – your situation, goals and needs – then we can summarise how we can help you pursue true wealth.