Less Sunlight ….take more Vitamin D3


This is time of year many people start to really miss the Sun and not just sentimentally… humans are solar powered of course and our biology gets a boost for the long days of everlasting summer Sunlight.  Mind, mood and physical strength actually all get a boost in the summer time.  I love the Sun and my happiest and most energetic days are May to September.

What about you? If you find yourself feeling down this winter, it could be the result of your body’s lack of vitamin D. A study at the University of Newcastle in Australia tested the effects of Vitamin D supplements on a group of people in late winter. Turns out, people who received Vitamin D had a dramatic improvement in their moods. “The two best ways to get the Vitamin D you need are to get adequate sun exposure (15 to 30 minutes per day) or to take vitamin D supplements,” says Dr. John Cuomo of USANA Health Sciences. 

In the winter time it is even more important to make sure we are getting 150 minutes of intense exercise each week too.  Working out and Vitamin D3 supplementation can work additively to brighten mind and mood as the seasons change and it can also help your health in many more ways.