Changes to the cinema ticket Vitality Active Rewards


Many of our clients enjoy the benefits of health and rewards from Vitality Wellness Program, with an announcement this week about the changes to the cinema benefit, we thought we would reconfirm this.

The changes will apply from 11 July 2016 for all members who are at Bronze and Silver Vitality status but will also apply to those that are unable to maintain their Gold or Platinum Status.

This change will be Bronze and Silver Vitality Members, as it is now, will have a week to earn their nine Vitality activity points, but from 11 July 2016 you will have the following week to redeem your cinema code thus giving you more time to use this benefit.

Vitality will also be changing the way codes are generated and just like the Starbucks benefit, each adult member with have to unlock a cinema code rather than like now, where a single member can unlock all codes for each person insured.

For all children under the Bronze and Silver Vitality status, the principal member and their spouse/partner (if insured on the plan), will need to be active in the week to unlock the codes for any children under the age of 18.

Any insured children over the age of 18 will need to get active to unlock their own code only.  Their activity is not required to unlock tickets for children under the age of 18.

Get your cinema ticket

To generate a cinema ticket, and as long as you have earned nine Vitality Activity points the previous week, each adult member can either go to Member Zone or via the Vitality Member App.  This now means you have the full seven days (Monday to Sunday) to earn your nine Vitality activity points and a full seven days the following week (Monday to Sunday) to use your Cinema Code to book at either Vue or Cineworld.

Automatically qualify with a Gold or Platinum Vitality status

Gold and Platinum Vitality status’ automatically qualify for the Active Rewards ‘free pass’ for Cinema, Starbucks and iTunes.   A ‘free pass’ means you don’t need to earn activity points to get your Active Rewards – it’s a treat from Vitality for all your hard work. Although you do still need to make sure you stay active so you can maintain your status.

If you are yet to engage in the Vitality Reward Program, or require further information on the above then please contact the office on 01793 771093 or email [email protected].

Vitality offer a wide range of rewards from 40% off European BA Flights to monthly Apple iTunes vouchers and cinema tickets.  They reward you for the healthy decisions you make.  Nicky and I want to live a long and healthy life, and the Vitality Wellness program has helped us make better choices, the rewards are just a benefit to the programme.

You don’t need to be a fitness expert to become Platinum status, Nicky and I achieved Platinum status within 8 months, without really doing anything different and as a result, we have booked our family holiday flights to Nice in France with BA and got a 40% discount off the online price.  Ask us for details.