Sandwich News….Yummy!


You may have seen the story about the food manufacturer who said he had been forced to recruit sandwich makers in Hungary (where else for food?) as they could not find enough Brits who were willing to work at their new sandwich making plant in Northamptonshire. On the back of this I discovered some fascinating data from the British Sandwich Association. Apparently there are 300,000 people involved in the sandwich market in the UK. And they supply 1.69 billion sandwiches at an average cost of £1.66 each.

Then the flavours? Number one is chicken at 24%, followed by a dead heat at 18% between tuna and prawn. They are closely followed by cheese at 15% and ham at 12%, then bacon at 10% and egg at 8%. Don’t ask me how you calculate combinations of those but a BLT is in there somewhere although as yet no sign of my sausage sandwich. Oh yes and it’s the people of Yorkshire who eat the most and the South west who eat the least – well they have got pasties so they don’t care.