VIDEO: Our Robust Investment Approach


At Lexington Wealth Management we believe the best approach for managing your wealth is to adopt a passive investment strategy. This means that we don’t believe in trying to beat the markets or paying over the odds for active management that rarely ‘pays off’. Instead, we focus on your goals and establishing the most appropriate mix of investments to help you to achieve them, without exposure to unnecessary risk.

Passive investments generally maintain lower fees than those which are actively managed by minimising trading costs. Over time, high fees can have a significant drag on wealth creation.

Asset Managers Vanguard have created a video to explain the benefits of passive investing. They explain why it is the rational, mathematically proven route to investing success. Find out more below.

Are your investment objectives aligned to your financial and lifestyle goals? Are your assets exposed to unnecessary risk or are you paying more than you have to for the management of your portfolio? Warren Shute, Chartered Financial Planner and Director of Lexington Wealth Management can help you to address these concerns. Get in touch to arrange an obligation free initial consultation with Warren and find out how we have helped clients just like you to achieve their objectives.