Retirement Planning

We speak with our clients about chapters in their life.  The period where you were starting out, getting your career together, the period of raising your children, running all over the place getting them to their commitments.

Retirement is your chapter, the period of your life where you get to live your bucket list.  Retirement is not ‘old age’, it’s your bucket list period.

What have you not yet achieved, that you have always wanted to?

Retirement planning starts with the outcome, ‘how do you want to live the rest of your life?’ we then cost this lifestyle and create a financial plan to achieve it, that’s the financial planning approach to retirement planning, it’s not just about pensions.

Retirement is a financial number, not an age.

Let’s redefine ‘retirement’.

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“Warren is a highly trustworthy financial advisor. In these times it’s imperative that I get sound advice, focussed on my individual needs and this is what Warren provides.”
Justin Dunn, Wantage

“Our family have used Warrens knowledge and financial skills for many years, he has helped us through retirement, and our sons through business and pension planning. He is invaluable as a sounding board and always comes up with a solution when your not sure of which path to take. Today we were worried about writing a new will…but he came up with the answer. So good to know that he always has the time and knowledge to sort out your financial problems.”
Rosemary Watson, Cotswolds and Marbella