Managing a Significant Windfall

Receiving a significant capital sum from the lottery, an inheritance or compensation payment can be a blessing which can make all your dreams come true, but it can equally destroy families and relationships faster than you could ever have imagined.  Just look at some of the past lottery winners we read about in the press.

Lexington Wealth is one of the most respected wealth management firms in the UK, who specialise in the management of capital received unexpectedly.  We have experience in managing significant size portfolios to enable our clients to enjoy the fruits of life and not spend their time worrying about the ups and downs in the stock market and their money.

“How much do I need?”, “Do I have enough to …. “ or “Will I run out of money” are common questions we have received and for over 25 years, Warren has been working with clients to answer questions just like this.

In addition to the logic of the numbers, Warren is particularly experienced and qualified in the psychology of money and holds many recognised qualifications in this area.

Working with a business owner or executive, who has gained wealth over decades and has grown accustomed to money, takes a different set of skills to that of sudden wealth, sudden wealth takes far more psychology, working with your beliefs around money.

For a discrete, no-obligation meeting to explore how Lexington can support you live the life you want and take control of your money, rather than allowing the money to control you, please contact Warren now.