Estate Planning

Most of our clients would not see themselves a wealthy, and that’s because wealthy is a relative term, compared to Bill and Melinda Gates, most of us are not.

Estate planning is not for the wealthy, it’s for anyone who has assets and wishes to make decisions to pass these assets to their family, friends, or charity on their death.

They want to decide now, whilst they are able to, what will happen to their assets, rather than leaving it up to chance.

Estate planning is the process of making decisions and taking actions, which includes ensuring your wills are written effectively, trusts are in place if required, and lifetime gifts are made if appropriate.

After 25 years in the financial planning profession, deciding when or if to make sizeable gifts, is a science, and an art.

The pleasure of seeing your loved ones benefit now from their inheritance, is the greatest gift you can receive as a donor, and for some donors, it’s important these gifts are protected within the family.

The greatest sadness we see is beneficiaries receiving an inheritance from a death and not using them, or investing them – wasting them in reality, because of their fear of making the wrong decision, or continuing to view the money as not theirs.

The secret of fulfilled living is giving. We can show you how to give sensibly so the gift is affordable and protected.

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