Video Testimonial from Corrine Stock

At our recent launch party we asked our clients to provide a short video testimonial, to describe their experiences working with us and what they view to be the benefits. Kindly a number of them said yes, so we will be releasing their videos over the coming weeks via this blog.

Below is the first video in the series, provided by Corrine Stock, a client we have worked with since 2008.

Corrine actually found us on the internet (even before we had our lovely new website!) At the time she met with three advisers, in order to determine who would be the best ‘fit’ for her needs.

In the short clip she describes the first time she met with Warren, for the initial 30 minute consultation. She says that they immediately clicked and have since built a very strong relationship. In her view Warren has the personality, sensibility and compassion to understand exactly what she wants and needs.

Corrine goes on to describe Warren as a great guy, who makes her feel comfortable and welcomed with open arms. She also likes the fact that we have great premises located near by and at the end of the video she makes a cheeky comment about the interesting sign on our toilet door! (For those of you who have visited our offices, you will know exactly what she means).

We apologise for the noise in the background, you can hear the party continuing on while the video was being filmed (we’re delighted our clients stepped away from the celebration in order to be in a video!).

We hope you enjoy the video and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.