VE DAY 75th Anniversary Celebration

VE DAY falls on Friday, May 8th this year and it is the 75th anniversary of the event. On May 8th 1945 Winston Churchill announced the end of the war in Europe.

Warren’s Dad was a young twenty year soldier returning from India by boat when the end of the war in Europe was announced. Within minutes of the announcement, two German U-Boats surfaced behind him to surrender…. his life could have taken a very different path.

Now more than ever we need a reason to come together and celebrate. So with celebrations being different this year, here’s how Lexington Wealth are going to celebrate VE day while in lockdown – and how you can join in too.

“To those who gave so much… We Thank You”



Early-Mid Morning
Preparing for the day by decorating your house in red, white and blue, and cooking the celebration treats.

The Wroughton Silver Band will be posting a rendition of The Last Post at 1.5 minutes before 11am on their Facebook Channel here.

2 minutes silence on your doorstep

Churchill speech shown on BBC.

Then grab your picnic blankets or garden table and head to your front garden for:

Tea & scones (or coffee & cake)

Dinner and raise your glass to your neighbours

The people’s Celebration on BBC1, followed by The Queen’s Address at 9pm, and then finishing with a national sing-a-long to “We’ll meet again” (lyrics below).

Please remember to follow the social distancing rules.

Activities & Ideas

  • VE day bunting is strung across streets. Why not make your own and hang it at home or in the garden? Download and print your own here. Bletchley Park would like you to donate your bunting afterwards as part of their ‘Bunting for Bletchley’ project, details can be found in the activity pack further below.
  • Keep the children entertained. why not get them to help colouring in bunting, or completing the VE Day Word search (Click here to download).For older children this VE Day Morse Code Challenge is a little tricky, and perfect to occupy them, you can find it here.
  • We are going to be baking scones. If you’re into baking, here’s a VE day scone recipe for you to follow, perfect for afternoon tea. If your brave enough have a go at the celebration trifle or the Victory Sausage Roll which you can download here.
  • Watch the Wroughton Silver Band on Facebook. Warren and his Dad played in the Wroughton Silver Band and they will be posting a rendition of The Last Post at 1.5 minutes before 11:00, and their isolation video recording with photos will be posted again on the WSB Facebook page at 12:00 midday. To watch the band visit

Useful Resources