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  1. The Importance of Having a Will

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    The BBC reported that in 2011 only three in 10 people in the UK had a will and the Treasury gained £53m from people who died intestate – without a will. The year before it was even higher at £76m.


  2. Are you Paying too Much Tax?

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    Following our series last week summarising the highlights from the 2013 budget we thought we would share some quite staggering statistics. Did you know that each year UK tax payers unnecessarily pay away billions in taxation, simply by not taking the right advice, or action, to mitigate the amount of tax they pay?


  3. Advice Before Retirement

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    I was frustrated. I had been running a successful business for many years and I knew that I should have been saving for my retirement, but I just couldn’t afford it. I needed a strategic plan so my retirement dreams could become a reality, ensuring my family would be looked after.


  4. Advice for Business Owners

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    I was so busy working in my business that I needed someone to take a view and provide strategic advice. I wanted an independent review of the business to ensure we had the right structures in place to look after our employees, maximise tax efficiency and protect against the unexpected.