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    If you’re familiar with fairy tales, you’ve probably encountered a story or two that involves the granting of wishes. Usually, these are cautionary tales. Well, there was some wishing going on around the globe last week and, if the wishes come true, the outcomes may be less beneficial than anticipated. (more…)

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    What do Harry S. Truman and Hindu goddesses have in common? Both were invoked to describe the U.S Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s speech at the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium last week. (more…)

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    The first quarter of 2014 offered up all the excitement and chills of a thriller. First, stock markets careened like runaway mining cars during January. Next, in her first press conference as new Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen implied the Fed might tighten monetary policy sooner than anyone expected which unsettled markets. Finally, Russia annexed Ukraine’s CrimeanPeninsula, incurring sanctions from other countries, and tipping its economy further toward recession. As in many thrillers, after some devastation (Russia’s stock market lost billions as capital fled the country), the quarter ended on a more encouraging note with many of the world’s stock markets in positive territory. (more…)

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    If you found holiday songs or Beatles tunes humming through your head last week, it may have been your subconscious processing world and market events.