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  1. What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

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    At Lexington Wealth Management, we like to provide a complete lifestyle and financial planning service. So what is ‘Lifestyle Financial Planning’? It is taking the time to truly understand your desired lifestyle, then using sophisticated cash flow forecasting, determining the best structure for your financial affairs in order to achieve that lifestyle.


  2. Advice Before Retirement

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    I was frustrated. I had been running a successful business for many years and I knew that I should have been saving for my retirement, but I just couldn’t afford it. I needed a strategic plan so my retirement dreams could become a reality, ensuring my family would be looked after.


  3. Financial Planning in Retirement

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    I had taken advice from the firm that looked after the company pension scheme at the place where I was working. After we ceased trading, and I retired, I was looking for another adviser to help me to manage my affairs. From previous experience, I was concerned that all advisers were salesmen and whomever I met would simply try to sell me a product.