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  1. The Markets

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    Time to take a longer view of your investment returns I think. The papers seem to be full of pundits predicting that “the end is nigh” for stock market valuations at their current level. The auguries being cited seem to cover everything from the black arts of the Chartists, through to references to the “hallowed investment gurus” whom you are not able to criticise. From crossed graph lines to the interpretation of “Buffetery”, I am sure someone will soon be referencing the rooks flying over the City before long. So yes there will be a stock market pull back or even crash – but when nobody, of course, actually knows. When it happens there will be no doubt one who called it right, but that will be likely to be amongst the very few and the very lucky. The real question is actually – does it matter? (more…)


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    Germany may have clobbered Brazil in the World Cup quarter finals last week and went on to become the first European team to win the event in Latin America, but things back home in Europe weren’t quite so rosy.  (more…)

  3. The Old Lady’s Children Showing Their Age

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    Last week’s systems’ failure at the RBS was symbolic of the old clearing banks and their creaking 1970’s main frames. Those that have spent the money on flashy front end structures are merely flattering to deceive, as they divert attention away from the fact that many have not invested effectively in modern integrated technology, and in the case of RBS & Natwest we see the result of trying to continuously patch ageing mainframes systems. The result is inevitable when you don’t invest effectively in your core infrastructure, and inevitably your basic process starts falling down around you. After all good commercial banking is, or rather should be, a financial utility, just as water, electricity and gas are of a similar ilk.  (more…)