Investment Management

Over the years I had accumulated numerous pensions (five with different providers) and each year I funded my ISA to the maximum available threshold. Our affairs were all over the place. At the last count, my wife and I had 13 different contracts and 10 savings accounts.

I did not know how anything was performing and I found it difficult to keep track of the income payments, fund manager charges and the reams of paperwork. I also had no idea how much these structures would produce in income when I decided to retire.

I met with Warren at Lexington. He started by helping me to establish my goals, the reasons I was saving and what I wanted to achieve. The team then created a Lifestyle Financial Plan and Cashflow forecast to illustrate my current financial position and what the future might look like, based on sensible planning assumptions.

Lexington offered an administration service for my investments so that I could easily keep track of my holdings and how they were performing. Warren explained how capital markets work and the best way to create an investment portfolio.

The team examined the risk of my current portfolio against my tolerance for risk and capacity for investment loss. The result: it was clearly unsuited to my needs.

They put together a passive, low cost, efficient investment portfolio, providing exposure to stock markets all over the world, matched to my attitude toward investment risk. The team at Lexington took care of everything so I didn’t have to worry about a single thing.

I now genuinely understand the importance of asset allocation and why I hold the portfolio I do. I am delighted with the longterm performance and highly recommend the team at Lexington for their considered, structured approach and focus on client care.

I am far more organised than I was before and I have a clear understanding of where I am and what the future holds.

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