Lexington Times (April 2023)

Three Killer Traits for Financial Success

The financial and investing journey is similar to competitive sports. Both endeavours require you to make skilful decisions under pressure with a calm mindset, and very often, your biggest competitor is yourself.

The Stock Markets

(Updated 31 March)

The key benchmark you should care about is achieving all of your financial and life goals and not running out of money.

The Unimportant Numbers – 1 Month

Monthly figures are a distraction from your long-term goals, we’ll help you avoid the noise.

The Important Numbers – 30 Years

Investing in the Great Companies of the World has produced life-changing returns for the disciplined and patient investor.

Inflation – The Real Enemy (Updated March 2023)

The number one enemy of the long-term investor is the financial dragon called inflation (the silent but steady increase of prices over time).

The only sane definition of money is purchasing power, and over the last 30 years, inflation in the UK has almost halved the value of your money.

But an investment in the UK share market has consistently provided protection from this enemy.


The media is not a friend of the disciplined and patient investor. Whether it’s on TV, Print or Online, the media prefers to focus on short-term returns, market predictions, and negative news. Which is not suitable for a long-term investor.

Below are the stories, podcasts, and images which we wanted to share with you this month, which are uplifting, interesting and informative.

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Positive News

Here is this month’s selection of positive news stories not related to investing.

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