Financial Planner Coaching


A financial planning coaching program specifically for planners, by planners

While there are a few structured training programs for qualified financial planners, we are not aware of any that are run by practicing financial planners – someone who can share their personal insight into how to deliver a true financial planning experience. That’s why multi-award-winning financial planner Warren Shute is launching the Lexington Coaching Programme.

Our new Lexington Coaching Programme will raise standards in the profession by helping more planners to deliver a true financial planning experience, and consequently, help more clients become financially secure whilst enjoying the process.

Warren said: “I got into financial planning because I want to help people live their life by design, not default. By helping other planners deliver a true financial planning experience, I’m contributing to the profession I am so proud of.”

“I’m passionate about raising the awareness of financial planning in the UK. I’ve worked with schools to deliver financial education lessons, and in the workplace delivering Money Plan clinics and seminars. I’ve also worked with the media on TV, radio and in print.”

“I remember when I started all those years ago,” he said, “that after I qualified, I was unsure exactly how to provide proper financial planning advice. What did it look like? Books and conferences only went so far.”

His inspiration to set up the Lexington Coaching Program came from working with Paul Etheridge, the founder of the Institute of Financial Planning, and Prestwood Software. Shute attended Etheridge’s coaching programme and his Advanced Planners Group for several years, and says it’s a significant contributing factor to the success of his practice today.

The first session will start in January, to find out more about the Lexington Coaching Programme visit

I now want to share my knowledge and skills to help other planners build an outstanding practice and deliver true financial planning, which will be the core of the coaching programme.

The programme will run face-to-face quarterly meetings over a 36-month period, based on my ‘tested in the trenches’ experience over the last 27 years.