How Lexington Wealth’s portfolios have navigated the coronavirus crisis


Naturally, your portfolios have been impacted by global stock market falls but reassuringly our ‘Two Pot’ investment strategy has worked well, and returns are within our normal investment expectations.

You will recall that we divide your money into two pots – one invested in Global Equities and the other invested in Global Bonds.
The purpose of this is that over time, the Global Equities provide you with your returns, and the Global Bonds soften the volatility, when the mix is right, you remain invested through good times and bad and achieve long term compound returns.

Whilst stock markets throughout the world have (perhaps understandably) fallen sharply significantly the Bond pot has been much more resilient and held its value extremely well, as expected.
The table below provides a proxy* for the performance of each portfolio for the 3-month period of 14th January to 14th April and for context I have also included figures for the past 12 months.

These are all well within normal investing market fluctuations, I expected far greater falls, but that just shows how you cannot time the market. We see the markets pricing in a recovery, and we would suggest anyone wishing to rebalance their portfolio now would be a suitable time. Please contact me by email if you’d like me to arrange this.

I have written an article about rebalancing if you wanted to understand this more, but in summary, we typically rebalance your portfolio annually, or during market extremes, good or bad. This keeps you more closely aligned to your agreed asset allocation and risk.

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Portfolio Last 3 months (14/01/20 to 14/04/20) Last 12 months (14/04/19 to 14/04/20)
100% Bonds 0.44% 2.77%
20% Equity -3.63% 0.12%
40% Equity -7.71% -2.93%
60% Equity -11.67% -5.99%
80% Equity -15.52% -9.07%
100% Equity -18.71% -11.65%
FTSE All Share -24.33% -21.37%


Source: Financial Express Analytics

*this is a proxy as it assumes that as at each start date each portfolio was exactly in line with its target asset mix. It is quoted net of the annual fund charge but does not include any Wrap charges or adviser fees.

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