Bring Your Children to Work Day!


To participate fully in life, we believe that everyone needs a clear understanding of how to manage their money. A life skill we feel should be taught from a young age. At Lexington we are holding a “Bring Your Children to Work Day.” Taking place on Friday 30th May, this day will aim to help our children’s young minds think about just where and how to spend their pocket money!

Our team will all bring their children into our offices for a day of fun, to gain an insight of what Mummy or Daddy do at work, and to begin to teach them the importance and value of money. 

We have activities planned, money games, a look at each role in the office and the part it plays in our firm followed by takeaway pizza for lunch (the choice of lunch is not an everyday option! After all, money does not grow on trees!!) All in all, a fun, but educational day and a chance to have quality time with our children.

Do you think this is a good exercise to do for children? We are contemplating holding more in the future and would be delighted to hear from you if you think your children would like to take part and that it would benefit them. Please contact us on 01793 771093 or email [email protected] for further details. 

Feedback and photos from our day will be provided in next week’s Market Commentary!