Archive: May 2017

Gift Aid Payments and the Abolition of Dividend Tax

The abolition of tax credits on dividends from 6 April 2016 has had some potentially serious consequences for donors whose income is largely made up of dividends as well as for charities receiving gift aid. This has been referred to as the “gift aid tax trap” and it affects, from 6 April 2016, individuals who […]

Pensions: Forget the 4 percent rule on drawdown

When it comes to drawing down from your pension, how much is enough? It used to be the “4 percent rule”.   An annual drawdown of 4 percent of your pension would see you through 30 years of retirement without you running out of money. But the popular rule has been brought into question in […]

Investors shouldn’t worry – the FTSE will continue to rise whoever is in Government

Theresa May shocked many pundits when she announced a snap election, giving the public 50 days to decide who should lead the UK through the Brexit negotiations and onwards for the next five years. It’s easy to assume that the policies of the winning party will, to follow the well-worn phrase, ‘impact the market’ in different […]

Personal Allowance – Do I lose it if I earn over £100k?

The Personal Allowance is the amount of income an individual can earn before they start to pay Income Tax but it will be reduced and potentially lost altogether for those whose total income exceeds £100,000. The Personal Allowance (under age 65) is currently £11,000 but you will lose £1 of Personal Allowance for every £2 […]