Archive: Feb 2017

Back to school funding: grandparents get top marks

Grandparents can make a real difference to their grandchildrens’  futures by helping with the costs of education. With the cost of a 3 year university course topping £50k*, grandchildren could otherwise be faced with a sizeable debt on leaving university, or worse, could be put off going altogether.  The right combination of trust and investment […]

How much can I pay into my pension?

The maximum you can personally invest into a pension and receive Tax Relief on, is 100% of your salary subject to an Annual Allowance limit which is currently £40,000. Please note dividends are not classed as salary. If, as an example, you have a salary of £8,000 and dividends of £45,000 the maximum you can […]

Less Sunlight ….take more Vitamin D3

This is time of year many people start to really miss the Sun and not just sentimentally… humans are solar powered of course and our biology gets a boost for the long days of everlasting summer Sunlight.  Mind, mood and physical strength actually all get a boost in the summer time.  I love the Sun […]